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Gordon Ramsay doesn’t care about your gender, race, or creed. All he cares about is that you can cook.

The contestant, Christine, is blind, and he lets her know exactly what he thinks of her dish.

OMG I was preparing myself to be enraged by him making some horrible comment but now I’m crying in Starbucks GOD DAMMIT

Christ I am not okay with these fEELINGS


That’s so cute I wanna cry

Is there a Gordon Ramsay fan base on this site??? And where can i join???

Spoilers, she won. Her cookbook is on sale now.

Also, this is the very first apple pie she ever made.

Also, can we please take notice OF HOW HE DESCRIBES IT FOR HER? Ramsay was extremely conscious during the entire season that she would require different tactics than the other contestants; this was not the only time he became her eyes, nor the only time he did things like that scrape of the knife so she could actually have a sense of her work.

And if you really want to bawl like a baby? During final four or final three, I forget which, the remaining contestants got photos from home. Christine’s husband sent their wedding photo—which she had never seen. Ramsay paused before starting the challenge to describe to her not only her husband—the look of love and joy on his face—but also herself as a bride, so she could see in her mind how the two of them looked together on their wedding day.

It was extremely obvious nobody had ever thought to do that before.

This man should be a fucking icon not just for his cooking, but for how he treats those who are different. During the same season he asked a handsome young man, making conversation during auditions, if he had a girlfriend. The man responded that he was gay. Ramsay, without missing a beat: “I’m sorry. Have you got a boyfriend, then?” No drama, no “oh my GOSH! You’re GAY? TOKEN CHARACTER :DDDD” just a very quick, simple whoops-my-mistake and the corrected inquiry. And then he never brought it up again! It was just a thing he learned, getting to know a contestant.

Yes, he can be harsh on MasterChef and downright cruel on Hell’s Kitchen (although if you were a sous chef and you served me raw pork that was not pork tartare, I’d scream too). But he’s not an ogre; he’s a polite man with a gigantic heart who simply happens to take no shit from those who should know better.


I could make a book of how many times people have thought i’m satanic because I’m a Marilyn Manson fan,it’s ridiculous.I mean look at him..









Family reunions be like


obscure relative:





Content Warnings: Death in general, Drug Abuse, Electrocution.
Hi, hello there! I was wondering if you had any information regarding different ways to die, painful, quick, slow, etc? - krakensareadishbestservedcold


If you missed me at nycc this is what I looked like.


So I was watching this, because Venus Angelic shared it on facebook and this particular part really broke my heart. 

Emily (or Luna as she calls her doll personality) says in this programme that she feels more confident and that she loves herself more when she dresses up as a doll (in cute clothes, lots of the outfits that were shown in the episode were less exteme than the one she’s wearing for this confrontation with her stepmother). 

And when she wants to share this with her family, they look at her as if she was a freak. That is not okay. It’s okay for them to think: “Wow, that looks different” or even “This is not my particular style and I do not like this look.” but saying to your daughter/step daughter or even a fucking friend that you want to see the “beautiful” version of them by stripping them of what makes them confident (in this case Luna’s wig) is not fucking okay. 

I know this is coming as something that doesn’t match my blog at all, but I really can’t stress enough that dolly girls and boys mostly don’t dress up for you to judge, but for us to have confidence and feel beautiful, which Luna obviously does when she’s in her wig and lashes. 

This is a creative outlet. Nobody says “Can you stop painting so we can see the real you?” or “Can you stop playing football so we can see the real you?” 

Gosufhsh this just makes me frustrated and I’m happy TLC actually for once made the “weird one” look in the right. This programme could have been made very differently and I think it’s a great showcase of some of the beautiful dolly people that live among us - they even got a boy in there, which is something I’ve personally never seen before!


The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

Navi the Fairy Cosplay by Jina D

Link Cosplay by Devon Chatterton

Photos by Darkain, Kuya-El, Vierras, Nowhereman, and Undiscovered


puppies in sweaters hee hee hee


puppy in sweater hoo hoo hoo


puppies in sweaters ha ha ha




When Daddy cuts my French toast for me. 💕

Oh hey look it’s me!I usually cut up kittens food but I always ask her just in case she ever wants to be a big girl. I love you lil britches mwuah



When Daddy cuts my French toast for me. 💕

Oh hey look it’s me!
I usually cut up kittens food but I always ask her just in case she ever wants to be a big girl. I love you lil britches mwuah